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LANSA offers the following services:

At Lansa Traducciones, we specialize in handling the following languages:

English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Dutch and Chinese

If the language you need is not on the above list, please let us know through our “Contact” section, to see if we can provide translation service for that language.

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The service whereby we communicate your ideas and concepts from one language to another in writing, where our commitment is to provide a high-quality professional product as faithful as possible to the original. To achieve that, we offer editing of images, graphs, tables, and diagrams as part of our translation service. “We deliver a faithful copy of your document in the language requested virtually indistinguishable from the original.”

We offer the following types of translations:

1) Simple: Translations which do not require a specific terminology or writing style, such as corporate presentations, correspondence, reports, articles, resumes, letters of recommendation, etc.

2) Specialized: Translations which require a specific terminology, due to particularities of style, and are intended for diverse market sectors:

      • Legal/Financial Translations: • contracts, agreements, tenders, notarial documents, financial statements, expert opinions, waybills, purchase orders, etc. Technical Translations: operating manuals, installation manuals, usage instructions, maintenance manuals, catalogs, parts lists, technical specifications, training manuals, etc.

      • Medical Translations: research protocols, investigator brochures, informed consent forms, case or adverse event reports, scientific articles, brochures for sales representatives, training material, press releases, full and abridged prescribing information (PI), etc.

      • Regulatory Translations: certificates of analysis, stability reports, pharmaceutical product certificates (PPC), certificates of free sale (CFS), certificates of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and finished products (medicines), drug master files, USP and Ph. Eur. monographs, etc.

      • Translation of Websites: we offer full translation of your website, including links and blogs. Translation of websites requires absolute precision, as well as specialized cultural knowledge. Our goal is to help our clients build a global presence on the internet.

3) Certified Translations: Translations which must be done by official expert translators authorized by bodies like Superior Courts of Justice or Judiciary Boards, whether federal or local, and are required for procedures before Embassies or public agencies like civil registries or deconsolidated organs like the Federal Commission for Sanitary Risks (Spanish acronym COFEPRIS)

At LANSA, we have expert translators authorized by the Mexico City Superior Court of Justice for Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German. Also, we have translators authorized by the Federal Judiciary Board for Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Dutch.

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The service whereby we communicate your ideas and concepts orally from one language to another, used primarily in international business meetings, offering the following interpretation services:

See types of interpretation

a) Simultaneous: The most appropriate form of interpreting for multilingual business meetings with large numbers of attendees, such as congresses, conventions, seminars, new product launches, training sessions, conferences, and symposia. In this kind of service, interpreters simultaneously transmit ideas to participants, who are given headsets with receivers so that they can hear the speakers and express their ideas in their native language.

b) Consecutive: In this case, interpreters act as intermediaries between speakers, who make pauses every two or three sentences, to allow the interpreter to translate them orally. Consecutive interpreting is more recommendable in meetings with small groups, such as business meetings, negotiations, informal meetings, interviews, and social events.

d) Escort Interpreting: If what you need is an interpreter who accompanies you, whether in Mexico or abroad, we offer the services of escort interpreters, who are available at all times to transmit your messages in another language. An escort interpreter is strongly recommended for business meetings or visits.

d) Telephone Interpreting If what you need is an interpreter who accompanies you, whether in Mexico or abroad, we offer the services of escort interpreters, who are available at all times to transmit your messages in another language. An escort interpreter is strongly recommended for business meetings or visits.

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To provide complete interpreting service, we offer rental of equipment for simultaneous interpretation, which includes rental of wired and wireless electronic equipment and support by specialized technical personnel, who will handle installation, operation, and monitoring of the equipment, ensuring that it functions properly throughout the event.

We have extensive and modern electronic equipment, which allows handle all kinds of events, from a business meeting with a small number of attendees to a congress or convention for more than 1000.

Our equipment includes primarily receivers, headsets, transmitters, microphones, closed booths, half booths, amplifiers, etc.

For events needing interpreters for more than one language, we offer 2- to 4-channel receivers, which can be tuned to different frequencies for the different languages. Thus, all attendees can understand and actively take part in the conference.

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In addition to rental of interpreting equipment, we offer rental of audiovisual equipment, which includes assistance and technical support by our personnel, allowing us to guarantee successful deployment of audiovisual systems for your event.

We are committed to maintaining close communication with speakers, to ensure that their audiovisual equipment needs are met satisfactorily.

Our equipment includes video projectors, fixed frame projector screens, plasma screens, tripod screens, liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors, loudspeakers, mixers, parliamentary microphones, wireless handheld microphones, and lavaliers, among others.

We also have mobile equipment (body packs), which is recommended for occasions like one-on-one interviews, press conferences, or plant tours.

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In dubbing, the spoken language of an original production is replaced by another voice, whereas subtitling uses written dialogs at the bottom of the audiovisual display.

Both methods are highly recommended for translation of documentaries, interviews, corporate presentations, installation and operating manuals, and training courses, among others.

We offer dubbing and subtitling of your audiovisual material, including remastering to digital format (DVD).

For this service, we employ an expert team of professionals in all stages of projects (translation, recording, editing, etc.) as well as leading edge technical resources, which guarantee delivery of a quality product, to ensure that the end viewer fully enjoys the content expressed.

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Our copyediting service consists of exhaustive examination of texts, to detect possible grammar and spelling mistakes, checking vocabulary, phrases, syntax, and precision of terminology used, to ensure that your documents have the proper wording and writing style. For this, we employ experts with backgrounds in various fields (medical, literary, legal, scientific, commercial, and technological, among others)

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Localization of texts goes beyond translation. It is adapting texts to the linguistic usage and customs of a specific country, to reflect each nation’s cultural and idiomatic particularities.

With our localization service, our aim is to help efficiently communicate your ideas to the target market in each specific country, avoiding confusion or ambiguity in language use.

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Our team consists of professionals specialized in the field of translation and interpretation, experts in various areas and sectors, native speakers of the target language, thus ensuring the proper use of terminology, as well as accuracy and uniformity in the writing of all your projects.

More than a concept, quality is our working philosophy and our greatest competitive advantage. We understand the importance of providing top-quality services, and to ensure that all our projects are subject to a process of exhaustive revision and control, which is executed by our expert team of translators, copy editors, proofreaders, and publishers.

Our team members undergo a thorough process of recruitment and screening, assuring us that their principles and values are in line with those of our organization, thereby guaranteeing reliability and confidentiality in all our projects.

Our core commitment is to provide our clients with personalized service, making sure we meet or exceed their expectations by assigning a dedicated project manager to maintain close communication from the start of each project through its successful completion.

Over 17 years’ experience in the market allows us to handle small and large, simple or complex projects, with the same quality and promptitude, based on the capacity of our human and technical resources.

To meet the needs of all our clients and deliver a product as true as possible to the original, we use the following software for both leading platforms (PC and MAC): Microsoft Office (Word, Excel), Adobe, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and QuarkXPress, among others.

Aware of the importance of guaranteeing the use and standardization of terminology on all our clients’ projects, we use translation software (TRADOS) and glossaries of terminology, which are customized for each of our clients.

Understanding the global environment in which our clients operate, and conscious of the speed required in decision-making, project delivery times are determined based on each client’s needs. We have the installed capacity to handle urgent projects while maintaining uniform quality.

Our rates are set based on benchmarking of our leading competitors in the market (translation firms with comparable infrastructure) and are adjusted periodically to ensure that we always offer highly competitive rates for all our services, offering substantial discounts for volume and client loyalty.